Top Emerging Digital Printing Trends for 2022

Digital Printing Trends

In the last year, many developments and upheavals have occurred in the digital world, and many more are expected in 2022. The progress and advancements of technology have shaped most trends in the final six months of 2021, from better transcribing software to being more efficient by precisely converting mp3 to text to cloud computing and data analytics dominating the news.

The print sector has seen an irreversible shift in the last year as businesses hastened their digital transformations and customers embraced digital experiences. Because of print and digital convergence, print sector leaders must immediately restructure their business models. In today’s economic market, driven by experiences rather than products alone, a legacy of success based on traditional approaches means little.

Customers want their technology suppliers to give them more connected, personalized, and intelligent services. Success will be determined by the ability to become data-driven and to harness cloud, AI, and automation to convert into tech leaders and technology service providers.

Here are a Few Digital Printing Trends to Look Out for in 2022:

The Market Continues to Be Dominate by Sustainability Efforts:

Manufacturers are putting greater effort into developing solutions that are environmentally friendly and truly sustainable. Consumers demand that PSPs offer alternatives, such as recyclable materials or media produced from recycled water bottles, even if the cost is higher.

Manufacturers are developing ground-breaking technologies to bring eco-friendly applications into the hands of consumers. Other businesses are working to improve their already stringent sustainability policies. HP was named to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list for the sixth year earlier this year. More companies will have implemented eco-goals by the end of the decade, indicating that the sustainability movement will continue.

Laser Cutting: 

The second major production technique that is likely to be popular in 2022 is laser cutting. This method is more complex than shimmering, yet it achieves the same dramatic impact. Laser cutting can make precise cuts in any material to get the desired finishing size. It is, however, rapidly gaining popularity for the graphics it can produce on Christmas cards and invitations. Laser cutting allows printers to achieve a unique textured look while properly outlining even delicate designs, such as soft leaves. When combined with gold or coloured foil, laser cutting creates a stunning final product.

Due to the Increased Threat Landscape, Print Security Blind Spots will Persist:

Personal devices, which are now part of the broader business network, have increased the attack surface. The cloud has exposed new weaknesses in the distant landscape, making small firms vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches as giant corporations. This is driving the demand for zero-trust workplace solutions with identity access management as a major component. Print makers must ensure secure endpoint protection and data flows as organizations seek to secure their employees while balancing user experience and productivity. Assessments of security and ongoing management will be critical differentiators.

Design Services:

Even tiny printing franchises are beginning to hire a design team. This could be just one graphic designer in some circumstances. Other print companies are adding graphic designers and digital print professionals to their staff. Growing this business sector helps businesses remain competitive in the market. Rather than relying primarily on print revenue, these businesses may now profit from logo design, photo retouching, and website creation.

Sources for Print-Ready Art Include:

The print resolution of source pictures is one of the most important aspects of industrial printing. Many consumers have a general notion of what they want and believe that any photo will result in a fantastic end product. Customers frequently provide fresh artwork to designers, preferably in a high-resolution Adobe InDesign version. Text documents, too, must be evaluated and typeset to produce a polished final product. A promising new trend in commercial printing for 2022 has emerged as a result of technological developments. Smartphone technology and improved cameras are making it simple for even the most inexperienced users to give professional printers with print-ready art. Reduced design time will keep costs down for end users while increasing revenue for print specialists.


“Pivot” was one of the most overused words in 2020, but with good cause. When businesses began to close, many firms and individuals were forced to pivot, and in-person activities and going into the office were replaced by virtual trade displays and working from home.

PSPs who diversify into other print-related fields see sustained success, expansion, and client loyalty. It’s never been more important to learn new talents and diversify your portfolio.

Digital Marketing:

Commercial printing companies that provide digital marketing services are more likely to grow their revenue and stay competitive in the marketplace. One of the most powerful forms of advertising is digital marketing. A single campaign has the potential to reach millions of people. Social media commercials perfectly illustrate how a single looping piece may reach out to a certain audience repeatedly for a continuous period. Website hosting services and various other products are included in digital marketing services. Printing companies that provide podcast creation, email marketing, and other services will be able to expand their businesses significantly in 2022.

Purchasing New Equipment: 

Purchasing new equipment is one of the most difficult decisions a business owner must make. With recent colour trends, rising sustainability interest, a surge in larger customised projects, and diverse portfolios on the horizon for 2022, purchasing new equipment may not be such a difficult option.

Buying a new printer these days isn’t simply about replacing an old one. It’s all about increasing speed and decreasing turn times to improve efficiency and productivity. Manufacturers of printers work swiftly to enhance equipment to satisfy sustainability goals and assist consumers in saving money.

“In the last five years, there have been considerable upgrades and advancements in digital printers, not simply small tweaks or painting new colours on the cowling,” Timothy Mitchell, Senior Director of Print Technology, adds. “Ink technology advancements are visible across all platforms, resulting in improved colour spectrum, increased durability, and the advent of speciality colours such as white inks and metallics.”

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns: 

One of the most basic forms of advertising is direct mail marketing campaigns. These customized designs can be sent to an individually sourced list or incorporated in a package of various company offers. Direct mail marketing is a tried-and-true method of attracting new customers. Existing and inactive clients both benefit from the programme. Direct mail campaigns are low-cost and a wonderful way for businesses to maintain their image and services in the public eye. In 2022, this component of printing is likely to continue to grow.


There are two main strategies for commercial printing companies to grow their market share in the sector. Companies that opt to specialize in a specific product or service are beneficial to the industry in various ways. Almost every commercial printing company uses specialized goods and services including unusual paper stocks, precision laser cutting, and popular promotional items. Companies who can corner the market or buy wholesale items are well-positioned to serve other printers in the area. Businesses that specialize in a specific product or service might specialize and function as a broker or wholesaler. Many enterprises in the commercial printing industry will specialize in one area and become leaders in that market by 2022.


These were some of the top trends witnessed in the digital printing sector. More trends will keep coming up as this sector will expand and enhance the growth of opportunities.

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Top Emerging Digital Printing Trends for 2022

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