Digital Printing: The Future Of The Printing Industry

digital printing

Digital printing is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. The global pandemic has pushed businesses to change their work culture and make sure it fits with the rapidly changing business landscape. During this global disruption, almost all businesses, including print, had to digitize their operations in order to keep serving customers and keep their businesses going.

As a Whole, Where is the Print Industry Going?

The consensus is that there will be a lot of changes in the future. Some of the most well-known printing companies are trying new things and using digital printing technology to make their products unique.

It will show up in the market for print substrates when the graphic industry and publishing jobs go away. Newsprint, coated/uncoated mechanical, and woodfree have all seen a drop in sales. Unfortunately, a lot of this is going to stay. The amount of print substrate used in 2020 was 10.4 percent less than it was in 2019 before the Covid-19 meeting (256.2 million tonnes).

Packaging film and board volumes will be more durable, and they will be back on the upswing by 2025 and after that. They will also be back on the upswing after that.

The machines used to make pulp and paper are often shut down or repurposed by pulp and paper companies. It is very important to find a balance in this very unstable market. There will be short-term problems with the amount of recovered pulp that can be sold. People who own brands and people who care about the environment will keep changing the market over time, maybe for a decade.

The Printing Industry Good News

Retailers came up with new ways to make money during the pandemic and lockdown. They used innovative eCommerce and direct-to-customer options to make money. People who shop online now have a lot more packaging than they did before the virus. Each time you buy something, you need to package it and put a delivery label on it.

As a result, there is an immediate need for eCommerce packages in the business world. With new digital printing technology, businesses can now offer more value-added services with different ways to collect data. e-retailers can also add this feature after they have received orders by email. eCommerce-driven packaging makes it easier for people to connect with each other in the sales channels because there aren’t as many people waiting in line.

Another way to make money is to work with big eCommerce stores and put printing presses in their distribution centers with a valid contract. However, small e-retailers can make their own products and buy a small digital press to do it.

The people who make the presses will make money no matter what. They can also help people after they buy their products. Thus, users can get the most out of these machines.

Virtual Sales and SaaS Connections are Two New Ways to Get Things

From the point of view of machine sales, druppa was a huge loser. Several people tried to move it to 2021. There were some big manufacturers who didn’t show up, so the schedule had to be changed. So, the event won’t happen before 2024.

So, most OEMs decided to host online events with virtual showrooms. They want to spread the word about the new products, which is in line with the general trend of providing better support services and moving away from direct sales of simple equipment to a concrete solution-based approach. If you work for a print service provider, you get SaaS products (PSP).

The good news is that even though the environment is uncertain and there are budget constraints, OEMs have had positive experiences. Hopefully, these events will be a better way to show off products and a way to build closer relationships with the people who use them.

Graphics and Publications: Low to High Growth

There were a lot of problems with newspaper and magazine printing during this pandemic. The sales stopped because many people were working from home, and people started going to online stores instead. Even IKEA stopped publishing catalogues to keep costs down, which is the most important printing job in the world.

PoS (point of sale) and wide-format displays were impacted by lockdowns because people stopped going to shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels. Commercial printing services, such as newsletters, manuals, and business forms, also took a big hit. This huge drop in demand caused a lot of businesses to close down because of it.

After a pandemic, a new and more open environment will open up more opportunities for businesses that can stay alive. When this happens, there will be less printing services that isn’t worth very much. The print industry in the United States will try to make their products more valuable and interesting.

The Future of the Printing Business Looks Like This:

Having a Wide Range of Skills is the Best Way to be Successful.

The remaining PSPs would also have to change their strategies to make up for the lost business during this pandemic, so they could make up for it. Some of the print suppliers, instead of making their own products, are working with a lot of other companies that are competing with them. Others have expanded their range of products and services, and they do things that aren’t usually done by print companies.

When You Don’t Touch the Paper, you Can Print:

After causing chaos around the world, it looks like the virus has finally reached the end. Because of that, people will always be afraid. So, companies are always investing in contactless technologies, which keep employees from touching the places they usually touch. Print manufacturers are also following suit and making printers that can be used with contactless technologies, so people can print from their phones or use biometrics to print.

People are Ordering Things Online and Making Money Through a Platform.

eCommerce and web-to-print solutions are set to change direct-to-customer technology trends that every CEO needs to know. Less intermediates would need to be used. When the world goes online in 2030, everything will be based on online specifications, and people will be able to order both prints and printed packaging through the web.

A Printer that Can do More than One Thing:

A slowdown in sales and revenue has been caused by the pandemic. As a result, businesses are doing everything they can to cut costs while keeping productivity high. Thus, more and more companies are investing in multifunction printers that can do a lot of things at once, like print, copy, fax, scan, and so on. MFPs have been a huge hit so far, and print companies are likely to put more of them on the market soon.

Inkjet Technology Comes to The Aid:

Inkjet printing will lead the way because it is cheap and fast. They are faster than traditional printers because they use ink instead of paper and ink. Furthermore, these printers can be used to print on rolls or sheets of paper, which is new.

There are a lot of new print technologies, but inkjet is still the best way to print. This cutting-edge digital printing technology can be used with some of the best ink solutions as well, making it even better. They are even making conductive ink and using nano-particles to make it. If this is true, it could be a game-changing new idea.

Printing at Home:

A lot of people kept working from home during the pandemic, so there was a sudden need for small home printers. Companies have been rushing to get them. This sudden demand has caused companies to make new models that are more affordable and have a smaller footprint than commercial printers. However, leaders must also think about making sure these devices have strong customer support and security systems, which could cost businesses a lot of money if they don’t.

A Lot of People are Excited About the New Packaging:

Amazon is thought to be the main force behind new ways to package things. A well-designed, printed, and labelled package can make all the difference. Amazon has shown the world that this is true. Some experts say that personalized and high-end packaging with labels and printed tapes on boxes is only for people who are in their 20s and 30s.

As with Amazon, advanced digital printing technology is becoming more and more customizable. This is similar to how one can make things easier for customers to get and never go anywhere else. As sales keep going up, new packaging ideas offer a huge chance.


The future of the digital printing industry looks vast and full of scope provided you have the right skills and knowledge. Additionally, it is important to keep up with the emerging trends in the industry that would help you scale up your printing business.

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Digital Printing: The Future Of The Printing Industry

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