Add a classy touch to your business cards with a delicate look of Spot UV, shining on our matt laminated fine 350GSM card material. We guarantee that your business card will grab the attention you need for your brand.

Important notes:
To ensure your file is printable, please make sure it’s high-res at 300dpi, uses CMYK colour, and includes a 3mm bleed area.
Your spot UV artwork should be separate and in black colour, highlighting the areas you wish to apply the effect. For more details, check our technical guidelines on how to prepare your file.
If you need assistance, please select our “design service support” option below.

85 x 55 +
55 x 85 +
Matt lamination +
One UV side +
Two UV sides +
Square Corners +
Rounded Corners +
5 Working days +
2-3 Working days +
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Elevate your professional image with our striking Spot UV Business Cards, designed to make a memorable impression at every interaction.

Why Choose Spot UV Business Cards?

Distinguish yourself from the crowd with our Spot UV Business Cards, expertly crafted to highlight your brand in an extraordinary way. The captivating Spot UV details add a layer of refinement and complexity, setting you apart from your competitors.

Spot UV that Captivates:

Experience the magnetism of Spot UV with our specialized business cards. Choose from a range of distinct Spot UV options that lend a tactile and visual appeal to your design. Watch as the glossy accents catch the light, immediately capturing attention and exuding a sense of prestige.

Distinctive and Unforgettable:

Our Spot UV Business Cards are carefully engineered to make an impactful statement. Their unique finishing ensures they are memorable, making it easier for prospective clients or contacts to remember your brand. Allow them to serve as a vivid testament to your professionalism and excellence.

Make a meaningful impact with the mesmerizing allure of our Spot UV Business Cards. Place your order now and let your brand leave an indelible impression on everyone you encounter.

Preparing your artwork for Spot UV:

To prepare your artwork for Spot UV effects, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Create a layer for all your design elements, including images, illustrations, and text.
  2. Add another layer specifically for the Spot UV artwork, and fill it in solid black.
  3. Ensure the lines and shapes of the Spot UV artwork have a minimum thickness of 1mm.

The same guidelines apply for double-sided designs.