Custom Shape Business Card

Our custom shape business cards, printed on 400GSM silk paper, are a unique representation of your professional identity. Each card’s distinct form, tailored to your preference, ensures your brand stands out, creating memorable interactions. The high-quality silk paper adds a classy feel to each card, enhancing the overall experience.

Important notes:
To ensure your file is printable, please make sure it’s high-res at 300dpi, uses CMYK colour, and includes a 3mm bleed area. For more details, check our technical guidelines on how to prepare your file.
If you need assistance, please select our “design service support” option below.

Rectangle +
Rectangle Round Corners +
Square +
Square Round Corners +
Circle +
Oval +
Straight Oval +
Hexagon +
Scallop +
Heart +
Arched +
Plaque Shape +
Triangle +
Custom Shape +

Note: Estimated production time and delivery is five working days.
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Discover the charm of uniqueness with our Custom Shape Business Cards. You decide on the shape that truly encapsulates your business and the message you wish to convey. We take your vision and transform it into a reality, crafting crisp, perfect edges and curves that make your cards not just visually appealing, but a professional embodiment of your brand.

Distinctive and Impactful:

Our Custom Shape Business Cards are designed to leave an unforgettable imprint. Each card, with its unique shape, stands out, making your brand easy to remember for potential clients or contacts. The shape you choose serves as a creative and professional representation of your business and the message it conveys.

Crafted for Excellence:

With your chosen shape in hand, our dedicated team swings into action. We focus on crafting the perfect edges and curves, bringing your vision to life with utmost precision. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, we ensure each custom shape business card is an exceptional piece that mirrors your brand’s unique identity and message.

Embrace the power of bespoke branding with our Custom Shape Business Cards. Order now, and let your brand make a unique, professional impression that captures the essence of your business perfectly.