Amplify your business charm with bespoke square foil stickers enriching your products, stationery, and packaging. Offered in a myriad of luminous foil colours, these stickers bring a unique edge, making certain your brand exudes a distinct sparkle while making its mark.

Important notes:
Our square stickers come with round corners.
To ensure your file is printable, please make sure it’s high-res at 300dpi, uses CMYK colour, and includes a 3mm bleed area.
Your foil artwork should be separate and in black colour, highlighting the areas you wish to apply the effect. For more details, check our technical guidelines on how to prepare your file.
If you need assistance, please select our “design service support” option below.

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Seeking to leave a stunning impression? Look no further! Our square stickers possess a unique charm, crafted with state-of-the-art foil technology to ensure a mesmerizing and attention-grabbing finish that leaves a lasting impact.

Why Choose Our Foil Square Stickers?

When it comes to promoting your brand, event, or business, our printed square stickers take center stage. With their captivating allure, they effortlessly seize attention and generate a buzz around your message, guaranteeing that your brand shines.

Foil that Dazzles:

The allure of foil is unmatched, and our stickers harness its full potential. Select from a delightful range of stunning foil colors that add brilliance and elegance to your designs. Witness as the shimmering surface catches the light, instantly elevating your stickers to new levels of allure.

Versatile and Eye-Catching:

Our square stickers are designed to captivate on any surface. Whether it’s boxes, shipping containers, notebooks, or promotional materials, they adhere seamlessly, transforming any backdrop into a captivating showcase for your brand. Wherever you place them, they become beacons that demand admiration.

Crafted for Your Success:

Our team is committed to your satisfaction. Choose your preferred size, upload your artwork, and allow us to work our magic. With cutting-edge printing technology and attention to detail, rest assured that the result will exceed your expectations.

Elevate your brand with the irresistible charm of our foil square stickers. Prepare to mesmerize and leave a lasting impression in the minds of all who encounter them. Place your order today and let your brand shine brilliantly in the brilliance of foil!

Preparing your artwork for foiling:

Setting up your artwork for foiling. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Create a layer for all your design elements; images, illustrations, and text.
  2. Create another layer for the foil artwork and keep it in solid black.
  3. Make sure the lines and shapes of the foil artwork are at least 1mm thick.

Apply the same for two-sided designs.

Instructions to prepare foil artwork